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Hydraulic Design of Water Treatment Plant for Arvi City

EasyChair Preprint no. 7620

8 pagesDate: March 28, 2022


Potable water treatment is one of the most challenging and complex systems that municipalities need to deal with considering limited resources. A study from mid-90s showed that the continuously deteriorating Canadian water supply system would require $3.1 billion to bring the system at satisfactory level. Drinking water treatment plants (WTP) include several components, such as tanks, basin, and pumps. Operators are able to spend a small portion of the available resources or their plant’s infrastructure and equipment compared to water quality and day-to-day operational activities. The research presented in this technical paper aims at developing condition assessment model(s) for the WTP components. Essential condition parameters of WTP include technical, physical, environmental, and operational aspects. To determine the condition index of a WTP component, value additive multi-attribute theory has been used where average weights and scores are considered for the model parameters. Data on WTP conditions are collected from experts and consultants across Canada and the United States. It is concluded from the model results that the average condition index for settling basins, ranges from 9.6 (best scenarios) to 1.9 (worst scenarios) and from 9.6 to 3.4 for pumps. Analysis reveals that, for tank and basins, design and construction parameter is the most important parameter for WTP condition, while the operational parameter is the most important one for pumps. The developed models are expected to benefit academics and practitioners (municipal engineers, consultants, and contractors) to prioritize inspection and rehabilitation planning for existing water treatment plants.

Keyphrases: Aeration, coagulation, disinfection, filtration, Sedimentation

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