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Smart Glasses Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 4957

6 pagesDate: February 3, 2021


The Smart glasses Technology of wearable computing aims to identify the computing devices into today’s world.(SGT) are wearable Computer glasses that is used to add the information alongside or what the wearer sees. They are also able to change their optical properties at runtime.(SGT) is used to be one of the modern computing devices that amalgamate the humans and machines with the help of information and communication technology. Smart glasses is mainly made up of an optical head-mounted display or embedded wireless glasses with transparent heads- up display or augmented reality (AR) overlay in it. In recent years, it is been used in the medical and gaming applications, and also in the education sector. This report basically focuses on smart glasses, one of the categories of wearable computing which is very popular presently in the media and expected to be a big market in the next coming years. It Evaluate the differences from smart glasses to other smart devices. It introduces many possible different applications from the different companies for the different types of audience and gives an overview of the different smart glasses which are available presently and will be available after the next few years.

Keyphrases: Augmented Reality, Embeded Wireless glasses, Optical heads-up., Smart Glasses, wearable computing

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