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Risk Factors of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Incidence in DOTS Polyclinics of Prof. R. D. Kandou Manado Hospital

EasyChair Preprint no. 3973

6 pagesDate: July 30, 2020


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. These germs infect the lungs more often but can also attack other organs of the body. The purpose of the study was to determine the description of risk factors for pulmonary TB patients in the DOTS Polyclinic Prof. R. D. Kandou Manado. This type of research is quantitative descriptive through a cross sectional approach with 32 respondents. The results obtained are pulmonary TB sufferers who have a contact history of 6 respondents (18.8%) and pulmonary TB sufferers who do not have a contact history of 26 respondents (81.3%), who have completed elementary school totaling 2 respondents (6.3%), graduated junior high numbered 5 respondents (15.6%), graduated high school totaling 22 respondents (68.8%), and those who graduated from college totaled 3 respondents (9.4%), male totaled 21 respondents (65%) and female totaling 11 respondents (34%), those who have enough  knowledge amounted to 16 respondents (50%) and good knowledge amounted to 16 respondents (50%), who were smoking amounted to 17 respondents (53.1%), did not smoke amounted to 13 respondents (40.6%), and who ever smoked amounted to 2 respondents (6.3%). Recommendations to the community based on the results of this study are that the community can further enhance their knowledge about TB, pay more attention to personal hygiene and the environment and improve healthy lifestyles, and avoid smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke so as to minimize the risk of contracting pulmonary tuberculosis.

Keyphrases: Contact History, Education, gender, knowledge, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, smoking status

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