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The Current Trends in Economics of Sustainability in the Context of Climate Change

EasyChair Preprint no. 10823

37 pagesDate: September 2, 2023


This review article on climate change discusses sustainable economic developments. As climate change threatens the global economy, sustainable practices are crucial. This paper examines sustainable economic progress and its impact on climate change. For research methodologies, scholarly publications, reports, and case studies are reviewed. Sustainability in economics demonstrates numerous significant trends. First, the importance of green funding and sustainable investments for climate-friendly economic activity is growing. Second, the circular economy and effective resource management emphasize resource efficiency and waste reduction. Additionally, carbon pricing reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The economic impact of successful emission reduction programs is demonstrated. Additionally, the research investigates the role of policy and governance in promoting sustainability, as well as the barriers to implementing effective and inclusive sustainable economic policies. Additionally, businesses effectively integrate sustainability into their plans. This suggests a shift toward more ethical and sustainable business practices. The conclusion of the paper discusses the future of sustainable economics, including potential advancements and obstacles. This review article examines sustainable economic developments related to climate change. The findings aid governments, entrepreneurs, and academicians in constructing a resilient and sustainable global economy.

Keyphrases: climate change, current trends, economic, Sustainability, Sustainable Global Economy

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