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Construction and Feasibility Test of a Solar Powered Bicycle in Bangladesh

EasyChair Preprint no. 6906

5 pagesDate: October 20, 2021


Solar energy is the most available renewable energy around us which we can use for different purpose in our daily life. Bicycle, is generally based on chain connected with crank gear and sprockets mechanism connected with rear wheel drive by human continuous rotating cyclic path of the crank. This exhausting process can be reduced by using motor or electric system. In this study, we used the solar energy concept and used it constructing a solar powered bicycle to generate power which is going to move the wheel using a high torque motor attached with the bicycle. In rainy days, cloudy days or during night it showed less performance using previously charged battery but overall, it could be very handy during sunny environment. Also, it was very cost friendly, environment friendly and feasible in our country. After construction of the bicycle, performance evaluation done for some days and also cost analysis carried out. Initial costing might be high but this solar powered bicycle comfortable for journey as it drives by solar and reduce humane effort.

Keyphrases: Bicycle, construction, cost analysis, feasibility, solar power

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