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Ontology Based Case Retrieval in an e-Mental Health Intelligent Information System

EasyChair Preprint no. 1482

19 pagesDate: September 6, 2019


An ontology developed for a case based reasoning system that aims at the support of people facing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) has been described. PAVEFS is an intelligent information system designed for the personalized provision of services for the diagnosis and the care of individuals (of various ages and types of autism). The objective of PAVEFS is to lead to best practices’ models and to provide access to information regarding the care procedures of individuals with ASD. PAVEFS is based both on scientific knowledge of autism and on practical information, acquired from experts and caregivers from various specializations, aiming at the creation of an extended basis of specialized and reliable information and at answering questions related to care procedures of children and adults facing ASD.

Keyphrases: Case based reasoning system, e-mental health, knowledge base, Ontology

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