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Protection Methodoly for Supporting Distributed Generations with Respect to Transient Instability

EasyChair Preprint no. 9708

5 pagesDate: February 14, 2023


Transient stability investigation plays an essential role in the restrictions of electrical energy systems. on the other hand, distributed generations (DGs) penetration rate determines the constraints of protection devices (PDs) setting in the electrical power network. Therefore, these two parameters should be considered the two main factors in the electrical protection of the network. This study examines the transient stability analysis of a power distribution grid with DGs to define the overcurrent relays' (OCRs) protection settings. To accomplish this goal, first, the DG´s transient stability is investigated for different fault places and different DG penetration rates. Then, the constraints of DGs are considered in the protection coordination of OCRs. For this purpose, a novel technique is suggested to calculate the modified value of the overcurrent relay time dial setting (TDS). In fact, applying the proposed method not only maintains coordination between the overcurrent relays but also prevents the instability of the DG sources. The implementation of the suggested protection strategy is analyzed through numerical scenarios on IEEE 33-bus distribution system by ETAP Software. In addition, we identify potential essential future directions for research to improve the suggested method with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) by considering the practical constraints.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence (AI)., Distributed Generations (DGs), Overcurrent relays (OCRs), Power system analysis, Protection devices (PDs)

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