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A Study of Relevant Features of over-Elevation as a Strategy for Urban Renewal

EasyChair Preprint no. 8576

8 pagesDate: August 3, 2022


Urban contexts nowadays are frequently facing two important difficulties among many others. On the one hand, aging buildings are in a growing need of intervention. On the other hand, the continuous migratory tendencies towards cities often require new housing. The option
of expanding the city vertically known as over-elevation is becoming a popular option to confront both issues. Far from a general increase of the number of storeys for any single building, this practice is much more surgical. It consists of the construction of light housing modules on the rooftop of existing buildings, but just when land regulations and constructive possibilities make it possible. In order to make this rather new methodology more attractive to all stakeholders, a better knowledge of this solution is a must. This research will analyse a set of relevant variables to be considered, such as architectural typology, materials, geometry or its constructive and structural typology. In this way, the objective will be to know the building and the relevant features to consider for over-elevation as a possible strategy for urban renewal.

Keyphrases: light structures, over-elevation, refurbishment, standardisation, urban renewal

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