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Cyber risk analysis and attack verification of key equipment in power grid

EasyChair Preprint no. 661

9 pagesDate: December 3, 2018


The normal operation of key equipment in power grid (KEPG) is of great significance for safe and stable operation of power grid. Firstly, this paper gives a systematic overview of KEPG. Secondly, the cyber security risks of KEPG on the main-station / sub-station side, channel side and terminal side are analyzed and the related vulnerabilities are discovered. Thirdly, according to the risk analysis results, three major cyber attack scenarios for key equipment on each side of the grid are proposed, which provides the test process and attack ideas for the subsequent KEPG-related attack penetration. Finally, the simulation penetration test environment is built, and a series of attack tests are carried out on the terminal key equipment based on the cyber attack scenario proposed in this paper. The correctness of the risk analysis and the effectiveness of the attack process construction technology are verified. The cyber risk and attack scenarios analyzed in this paper are of great significance to enhance the cyber security defense capability of key equipment of power grid.

Keyphrases: Attack scene, Cyber Risk Analysis, Grid cyber attack, Grid key equipment, Vulnerability Mining

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