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Determinants of Union Commitment Among Public Hospital Employees: a Proposed Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 3022

11 pagesDate: March 22, 2020


Union commitment of employee is considered to be the degree to which an organizational member intends to maintain membership in a particular union then, exercise effort for, to pinpoint with the goals of his or her union. Literature is reviewed for better understanding of the past, present and future needs in the study area. As a result of a thorough review of literature, a model is proposed to examine the associations between general union belief, union socialization, union leadership, perceived union instrumentality, job satisfaction and union commitment with a moderating variable of Political Atmosphere. The proposed model would help toward a better understanding of the relationship between the antecedents of union commitment among public sector employees in Nigeria. The population as part of the methodology is proposed to be the union members of public hospitals in Northwestern Nigeria. The model, will however, requires practical/empirical testing to validate the proposed relationships. The managerial implication of the proposed study is that the federal and state ministries of health, hospital administrators, union members and other stakeholders will benefits from the study outcome, it would also serve as a framework for future research.

Key words: Determinants, Union commitment, public Hospitals, Employees

Keyphrases: Determinants, Employees, public hospitals, union commitment

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