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Implementation of an Archives Information Management Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 4704

16 pagesDate: December 7, 2020


Archives Information Management Systems (AIMSs) are designed for capturing records of files in an organization, monitoring the employees borrow, use and return of files to the registry or records office. An employee will go to the records office to borrow files then the employee details such as  names, designation, address, contacts are captured and stored into the system before they can take the file, a due date of when the file will be returned is captured as well, such that if another employee wants to borrow the same file and it has already been lent out the records officer can look at the due date the file is supposed to be returned then they can ask the borrower to come back on that specified date and if the file has been returned then they can as well borrow it. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of important existing protocols of borrowing files. The paper also discusses the strengths, limitations with the critical analysis of the current file based system used in many organizations today.

Keyphrases: archive management system, archives, archives information management, files, information, information management system, information system, management, Protocols, record management, records, system design, systems

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