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Visually Impaired Information Users in Nigeria: Characteristics, Challenges of Inclusion and the Dilemma of the Excluded

EasyChair Preprint no. 10027

18 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


The visually impaired in Nigeria are faced with the problem of access to information among others. Very little is known about their personal characteristics; the problem of inclusion and the dilemma of whether to adopt technology or not has left them with intractable challenges. This study investigates visually impaired information users in Nigeria with emphasis on their personal characteristics, the challenges of inclusion and the Dilemma posed by technology. Survey research design was adopted and the study purposively focused on southwestern Nigeria. Using stratified proportionate random sampling technique, data were gathered using interviews and a questionnaire from fourteen selected libraries, stratified into non-governmental, public, tertiary institutions and secondary schools. Out of 503 copies of questionnaire, 401 (71.3%) was used for the study. The study revealed that visually impaired information users are mainly males (67.1%) and single (75.5%).  57% are below twenty five years; 224 (54%) are totally blind. They are mainly artisan/, craftsmen, craft-instructors and teachers. Government has paid lip service to inclusion and left her duties in the hands of private players and a few NGOs. The visually impaired are clearly in a dilemma of adopting technology or sticking to the familiar traditional formats of information access which are very limited in supply and has failed to address the information needs over the years .The study recommends formulation of inclusive policies, collaboration of government and relevant stakeholders towards widening social participation for the visually impaired in Nigeria.

Keyphrases: characteristics, inclusion, Information users, Nigeria, The excluded, visually impaired

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