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Chatbots & Its Techniques Using AI: an Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 4363

6 pagesDate: October 10, 2020


In the modern era of technology, Chatbots is the next massiveaspect of the generation of conversational services. A chatbotsystem is a software program that interacts with users usingnatural language. Chatbots is a virtual individual who canefficiently discuss to any human being the usage of interac-tive textual competencies. Recently, the development of themas a medium of conversation between humans and comput-ers has made a great walk. The motive of a machine learningand artificial intelligence chatbot system is to simulate a hu-man conversation; maybe through text or voice. The chatbotprogram understands one or more human languages by Nat-ural Language Processing. The chatbot structure integratesa language model and computational algorithms to emulateinformal chat communication has covered enormous naturallanguage processing techniques. This paper investigates otherapplications where chatbots could be useful such as a ma-chine conversation system, virtual agent, dialogue system,information retrieval, business, telecommunication, banking,health, customer call centers, and e-commerce. also gives anoverview of cloud-based chatbots technologies along with theprogramming of chatbots and challenges of programming incurrent and future Era of the chatbot.

Keyphrases: Chatbots, NLP, NLU

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