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Mathematics, statistics and teaching in establishments who train Army Officials in the period 1837-1926: a characterization

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21 pagesDate: January 15, 2020


The purpose of this work is to study the evolution of teaching in Portuguese Academies who form Portuguese Army Officials in the period (1837-1926) especially in mathematics and statistics.

In particularly this work tries to answer to following questions:

a) How can we characterize, in terms of content, the military teaching in the areas of Mathematics and Statistics available in Army Officials courses? What criteria are utilised in selection of this knowledge? How can we characterize the context of military teaching particularly in terms of mathematics and statistics of Army Officials training and in other courses ministered in these institutions?

b) What is the place of representations of mathematics and statistics in solemn moments?

c) What is the role of statistics in the daily life of these institutions?

This work makes one characterization based in document sources (found in the school’s library) of the army officer’s teaching quotidian in this time, particularly the school sections, regulations, statistics, teachers, ceremonials, study tours and teachers books. Extended lists of the curricular organization, documents and manuals made by teachers of the school were produced.

In the period studied the curricular organization tries to adapt to the demands of new technologies. They try to give a practice and laboratorial teaching. In the solemn moments mathematics had several functions. Statistics had an important role by organizing factor.

Keyphrases: mathematics, Military Schools, statistics

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