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Milk Dairy Waste Water Treatment by Using Natural Coagulants

EasyChair Preprint no. 8038

4 pagesDate: May 22, 2022


The dairy industry uses massive amounts of water to process raw milk for dairy products and generates roughly 3L of waste water per 1L of processed milk. The waste water discharge from this dairy industry contains a high concentration of organic material such as fats, carbohydrates, grease, protein, etc. Due to pollutants available in dairy waste water, if it is not properly treated then it may cause serious environmental issues. The present study focuses to treat Dairy Waste water with environment friendly natural coagulants like Moringa Oleifera, Neem leaves, Saw dust, Custard Apple seeds powdered form, resulting in an effective natural clarification agent for highly turbid and untreated pathogenic water. Various doses of natural coagulants are evaluated for efficiency in treatment of dairy waste water. On comparison various parameters like of TDS, chloride, pH, turbidity obtained for each coagulant. It was observed that moringa Oleifera seed powder showed best results with effect of pH varies as 9.08 – 4.42, TDS varies from 5.02 – 4.38 ppm, turbidity varies from 162 – 44.6 NTU are experimental found out with the extension. Therefore, low cost Moringa Oleifera seed is recommended as eco-friendly, nontoxic, simplified coagulants for dairy waste water treatment by varying the dosage of coagulants.

Keyphrases: Custard Apple, Dairy waste, Moringa oleifera, Neem leaves, saw dust

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