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Web Monitoring and Closed Loop System for Medical Centrifugal Machine with IOT

EasyChair Preprint no. 9683

5 pagesDate: February 8, 2023


This Project Paper is based on Web Monitoring and closed loop system for medical centrifugal machine with IOT and using BLDC Motor,BLDC Motor and its Control is done with Closed Loop Technology. Peered Drives are gaining Popularity due to their Dominance over the similar Control versus Major Drivers without Management. Software setup is made with reference to Controller and Inverter boards, along with receiver and and transmitter under Transmission Protocol. Communication is handled over the Internet.Communication module provides a way to monitor the working state of a machine. The IOT being integrated with the machine that allows Unique Login credentials to be assigned, permitting medical persons to monitor the parameters using IOT produced by that machine The hardware project for a closed loop -controlled BLDC motor has excellent performance. Especially fast response and high torque. With high precision.

Keyphrases: Application Programming Interface, data management, IoT Cloud

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