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Intelligent System for Experimental Investigations of Optical Nanostructures

EasyChair Preprint no. 9246

5 pagesDate: November 5, 2022


The issues of increasing the efficiency of experimental studies of nanostructures are considered, methods and tools for measuring and diagnosing multilayer nanostructures are analyzed, and the main research methods used in various experimental studies are given. The development of an intelligent system for experimental studies of nanostructures, consisting of a subsystem of measuring and diagnostic tools, a subsystem for measuring and generating influences, a subsystem for processing and analyzing data, a subsystem for decision making and experiment planning, a computer database and an interface, is substantiated. The structure of the intelligent system and the structure of measuring and diagnostic tools included in the subsystem of measurement and diagnostics in complex studies are given. The functions of the corresponding means of measurement and diagnostics are determined in various experiments, in combination with research methods. It is shown that the intellectualization of experimental research is achieved both by the built-in functions of intelligent measurement and diagnostic tools, and by special software developed using new information technologies, artificial intelligence based on fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and artificial neural networks. The data obtained in the course of experimental studies and the results of the analysis allow to plan new experiments on the nanostructure.

Keyphrases: intelligent system, investigation, measurement methods, Nanostructures

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