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Specification of Medical Processes in Accordance with International Standards and Agreements

EasyChair Preprint no. 7998

9 pagesDate: May 21, 2022


Models of healthcare processes and - workflows, to support continuity of healthcare, are an important research topic in medical informatics. The research topic is driven by the necessity to enable systems interoperability, to see the consistency of clinical data recorded in electronic health records and understand retrospectively the clinical pathways that led to these data. In this workshop paper, we propose a processes meta-model and evaluate its potential usability in healthcare by modelling the healthcare concepts and models from the ISO 13940 (system of concepts to support continuity of care) in the language of the meta-model in question. Our meta-model is developed according to the software design patterns principles, enabling formally specify knowledge in machine-readable form at runtime by also preserving the history of these specifications. We believe our work contributes to federated interoperability (without common models and standards) of healthcare information systems utilizing executable meta-models that can map healthcare data at the semantic (medical knowledge) level even at the runtime.

Keyphrases: Clinical knowledge modelling, Electronic Health Record, federated interoperability, Health care workflow, Multi-layer process

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