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Company's Strategic Success as the Basis of Its Potential Sustainability

EasyChair Preprint no. 3280

7 pagesDate: April 28, 2020


The stady of corporate sustainability is becoming more relevant in the world economy, thus the connection between global economic processes and political, environmental and society problems was revealed by authors. Given research is devoted to the analysis of the processes of sustainability of Ukrainian and foreign companies. The results of studies of scientific works and interviews with different countries businessmen showed that the sustainable development of the same company should be considered in several directions, namely, in economic, social and environmental. Supporting new institutional concept research that focuses on the sector problems of company's stability, we have compared theories of corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility and highlighted the economic dimension as a basis of company's sustainable development. As a result of our research in economic direction of corporate sustainability the Methodology of evaluation of company's sustainability potential was proposed. The suggested Methodology can ensure corporate sustainability for the strategic period. Proposed Methodology assesses the strategic potential of company's success, its competitive status and capacity potential, and transform capabilities into competitive advantages. The implementation of the Methodology of evaluation of company's sustainability potential, according to authors view point, can be proposed as the basis of strategic management in forecasting and planning processes in industrial companies.

Keyphrases: capacity potential, companys competitive status, companys strategic business unit, companys success, companys sustainability potential, corporate business, corporate strategy, Corporate Sustainability, existing capacity potential, optimal strategy, potential capacity estimation, potential of success, prospective capacity potential, Strategic adaptation, strategic potential, success factor, Sustainability, sustainability potential, sustainable development

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