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A Bare Machine Tool to Learn System Internals in Computer Science Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 7613

6 pagesDate: March 28, 2022


Research in Bare Machine Computing has experienced significant changes over the years. As a result of the recent events of the pandemic and the need for remote learning, the Bare Machine Internet (BMI) as part of the Bare Machine Computing (BMC) paradigm experienced further studies. This research created tools to examine the internals of the protocols, memory, and scripts as a BMI became feasible. With the increased visualization in teaching Computer Science and remote learning, these features created with the BMI were considered efficacious in Computer Science Education (CSE) BMC/BMI is used in programming applications to run directly on a device. The paradigm is software that runs directly against the hardware using CPU, Memory, and I/O. The software application runs without an Operating System and resident mass storage. An essential part of the BMC paradigm is the Bare Machine Internet. It utilizes an Application Development model software that interfaces directly with the network and file servers' hardware. Because it is "bare," it is a powerful teaching and research tool that can readily display the internals of the network protocols, software, and hardware of the applications running on the Bare Server. The research demonstrated that the bare server was accessible by laptop and smartphone/android. The purpose was to show the further practicality of Bare Internet in Computer Engineering and Computer Science Education and Research. It also showed that an undergraduate student could use a bare server with any device and browser at any release version connected to the internet. This paper presents the Bare Web Server as an educational tool. We will discuss possible applications of this paradigm.

Keyphrases: Bare Machine Computing, online research, Operating Systems Introduction

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