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Trip Planner MODE(Multimodal Optimal Dynamic pErsonalized)

EasyChair Preprint no. 10808

4 pagesDate: August 31, 2023


Current free and subscription-based trip planners have heavily focused on providing available transit options to improve the first and last-mile connectivity to the destination. However, those trip planners may not truly be multimodal to vulnerable road users (VRU)s since those selected side walk routes may not be accessible or feasible for people with disability. Depending on the level of availability of digital twin of travelers behaviors and sidewalk inventory, providing the personalized suggestion about the sidewalk with route features coupled with transit service reliability could be useful and happier transit riders may boost public transit demand/funding and reduce rush hour congestion. In this paper, the adaptive trip planner considers the real-time impact of environment changes on pedestrian route choice preferences (e.g., fatigue, weather conditions, unexpected construction, road congestion) and tolerance level in response to transit service uncertainty. Side walk inventory is integrated in directed hypergraph on the General Transit Feed Specification to specify traveler utilities as weights on the hyperedge. A realistic assessment of the effect of the user-defined preferences on a traveler’s path choice is presented for a section of the Boston transit network, with schedule data from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Different maximum utility values are presented as a function of varying traveler’s risk-tolerance levels. In response to unprecedented climate change, poverty, and inflation, this new trip planner can be adopted by state agencies to boost their existing public transit demand without extra efforts

Keyphrases: Accessible sidewalk, first/last mile, Multimodal accessibility, Personalized choice, travel time variability

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