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Need of Academic Audit for Quality Improvement in Higher Educational Institute (HEI)

EasyChair Preprint no. 9223

5 pagesDate: November 2, 2022


Higher Education institutes play very vital role in Nations Buildings because this educational institution is inculcated in their learning outcomes with contribute to the development of quality professionals by improving competence in professional knowledge and intellectual competence, promoting professionalism and employability. Furthermore, it contributes to the learner's emotional and social maturity, healthy personality, keen business acumen, strong scientific temperament, and strategic thinking. This can only be achieved by providing a comprehensive, continuously improved, global, high-quality professional education underpinned by a robust quality management system. A quality policy contributes to the institutionalization of the standard assurance process. Our commitment to providing quality teaching and learning through the delivery of a clean and structured curriculum using a variety of learning experiences is central to this policy. A number of quality assurance processes have been institutionalized to address teacher quality, curriculum design and teaching, research and training, student development, orientation for general personality development programmers and students facing challenges and we focus on a wide range of activities that enable us to take risks. Academic Audit provides feedback on its efficiency. Observations from audits are used for organizational improvement.

Keyphrases: Academic Audit, Higher Education Institutes, Outcome base educations, Quality Educations

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