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Learnings and Best Practices for Information Security Management Due to Covid-19 Induced Workplace Transitions (nWFH)

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11 pagesDate: September 4, 2023


The global COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has impacted all aspects of life and business, necessitating the adoption of new organisational working models, which was enforced on employees. As a result, the majority of the employees has been mandated to adopt new-work-from-home nWFH (PatriciaAkello, 2021),as soon as possible and where nWFH was feasible. The nWFH differs in various dimensions as compared to earlier WFH which was based on need basis and prior application by employees and approval by their managers and was controlled.Threats to information systems (IS Threats) have also risen in locksteps with this trend (Carlsten, 2021),Organizations were not ready to deal with dangers as a result of this unexpected and sudden transition from office to work from home. While investigating on the readiness of organizations, information security (infosec) managers voiced their concerns and indicated that best practices are their saviours. This study captures the VOISM (voice of infosec managers) on the best practices they have identified and improved upon during the pandemic situation. Working from home is not a novel concept, it existed before the Covid-19 pandemic as well (Furnell, 2020) , (Grimm, 2021), (Baruch, 2000),WFH dates back to pre-industrial times. Earlier Only a few employees used the WFH before the Covid-19 outbreak (Milasi, 2021). In the current situation "nWFH is defined as the new normal and is here to continue,".

Keyphrases: Exploratory method, flexible work arrangements, FWA, nWFH, pandemic & Information security threats organizational readiness, qualitative research, remote work, risk management, security best practices

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