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Analysis And Design Of Storage Bins Using Staddpro

EasyChair Preprint no. 5888

8 pagesDate: June 23, 2021


Silos have been used since a very long time for the purpose of storage of various materials such as wheat, rice husk, cement and fly ash. They have been proved to be very effective in the process of storing materials and hence grew in demand as the industry progressed. Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) is an ideal structural material for building of permanent bulk storage facilities. RCC Bin can be flat bottom type or hopper bottom type. Although flat bottom bins can be built more easily than hopper bottom bins but it is desirable that bottom is self cleaning. It is because of this reason that hopper bottom bins are preferred. For the designed components (ring girder dimensions, column cross-section, thickness of wall), depending upon diameter & height of the bins, influence coefficient matrix is then generated. The, parameters such as fundamental natural frequency and other frequencies in first 3 modes for bin full and bin empty conditions have been computed and the normalized Eigen values have been computed corresponding to first three modes. Then, static & dynamic analysis of bins has been carried out by taking elements at 2m interval both in bin (full & empty) conditions. Then the values of natural frequencies and elemental matrices along with normalized mode shape values are used in carrying out dynamic analysis

Keyphrases: Application of Bin, Civil Engineering, definition, Design Considerations, Load calculation, objective, wind load

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