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Secondary School Teachers’ Classroom Assessment Skills in Nigeria

EasyChair Preprint no. 11220

11 pagesDate: November 2, 2023


This study was conducted on the classroom assessment skills of secondary school teachers in North Central Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey approach. A total sample of 1440 teachers was drawn out of the total population of 26,230 teachers of public senior schools in North Central, Nigeria (FME, 2020) The instrument for data collection was the Classroom Assessment Literacy Inventory (CALI). The instrument was trial tested and a reliability coefficient of 0.72 was obtained. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics, and Four-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at an alpha level of 0.05 significance. The result revealed that 525 participants had a range score of 0 – 11 out of the total 35, indicating that they were below expectation (average). The majority of the teachers (61%) performed at expectation (average) in CALI, while 862 (61.3%) were at expectation (average). The overall level of teachers’ classroom assessment skills was at expectation as the majority (61%) of them performed at a mean score of 13.56 in CALI. The study concluded that the classroom assessment skills of senior school teachers in North Central, Nigeria are just average. It was recommended among others that workshop training on classroom assessment that would be relevant to real classroom situations be conducted for teachers across the country to enhance their skills and competencies. Key words: Classroom Assessment Skills, Secondary School, Gender

Keyphrases: Classroom Assessment Skills, gender, secondary school

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