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The Molecular Dance of Photosynthesis: Towards Green Energy Innovation

EasyChair Preprint no. 13416

8 pagesDate: May 23, 2024


This paper delves into the molecular choreography of photosynthesis, unraveling the complex
interplay of proteins, pigments, and cofactors within the chloroplasts of plants and algae.
Through an in-depth analysis of the light-dependent and light-independent reactions, the paper
elucidates the sequential steps and regulatory factors that orchestrate photosynthetic efficiency
and productivity. Furthermore, the study explores the implications of deciphering photosynthetic
molecular choreography for sustainable energy solutions. By harnessing the principles and
mechanisms of photosynthesis, researchers aim to develop bio-inspired technologies for solar
energy capture, carbon dioxide fixation, and renewable fuel production. Insights from
photosynthesis pave the way for innovative approaches to solar energy conversion, including
artificial photosynthetic systems, biofuel production, and carbon capture technologies.

Keyphrases: BIO, Biofuel, Chemistry

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