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Design of RCC Structure Using Dampers in All the Seismic Zones

EasyChair Preprint no. 6803

16 pagesDate: October 8, 2021


The structures considered here are high-rise residential buildings (G + 11) located at various earthquake zones and wind speeds of approximately 50m/s.The size of the building plan is 30mx25m. Design made at three specific earthquake zones III, IV, V. These structures are made up of beams and columns constructed of RCC. The height of each floor is 3m on standard floors, the height of the bottom floor is 2m and the total height of the building is 32m.

In addition to the loads due to the effects of gravity, the magnitude of the earthquake should be considered when designing buildings in earthquake zones. The philosophy in the general earthquake construction is that the structures should be designed to withstand lateral loads associated with wind and earthquakes by its elasticity only, and the structure is allowed to deteriorate but not collapse while carrying the load on the side of moderate or severe earthquakes. These structures must be strong enough to prevent a major displacement and acceleration in order to maintain their functions in the service of the structure.

Dampers allow the structure to dissipate earthquake energy. This, in turn, produces significant savings as building components can be made to save costs. By doing so, the building is able to withstand earthquakes without causing significant damage to its structure.

Keyphrases: Dampers, displacement, Earthquake, Elasticity, magnitude

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