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A Review on Smart Attendance Monitoring System Using Deep Learning Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 7356

6 pagesDate: January 21, 2022


 It is obligatory to talk over to a fruitful system that sets down the attendance of a student spontaneously. To focus on the attention of students and make them associated with discovering technologies, we try to move on to the latest upcoming trends on advancing the attendance systems. Without student intercession, this system operates on the face recognition method for automatic attendance of the students in a classroom environment. Traditionally, a roll-call is called to check if the student is present in the class or not, which ultimately takes our crucial time. So, in an urge to save time, the idea to measure individuals in a class spontaneously depending on face recognition is assimilated. To recognize the face of an individual we will be using face recognition technology.

In this paper, using Deep Learning Algorithm we have evaluated a procedure for a precise smart attendance monitoring system. The in and out of individuals in a university or an organization is spotted in this approach as the first step. When an individual proceeds towards a CCTV camera near the doorway, automatically Individual’s face is going to be detected and thus the arrival time is going to be put down. In the same way, while leaving their faces are going to be detected in other deep learning models imbibed in CCTV cameras, and hence the leaving time is going to be put down. With the assistance of this method, we can get the attendance in terms of percentage for the time for which we have attended the lecture. The smart attendance monitoring system anticipated a bonus for the current method of attendance management. 

Keyphrases: Attendance, Convolutional Neural Network, DeepLearning, ImageProcessing

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