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The Absence of Data Visualisation in Midwifery

EasyChair Preprint no. 5174

3 pagesDate: March 18, 2021


Information visualisation creates visual representations that more easily convey meaningful patterns and trends hidden within large and otherwise abstract datasets. Despite potential benefits for understanding and communicating health data, information visualisation in medicine is underdeveloped. This is especially true in midwifery, where no qualitative research exists regarding the impact of different graphs on clinicians’ and patients’ understanding. This position paper is part of ongoing work investigating this gap and its potential impact. This work reviews a collection of literature from within the midwifery domain. We found almost two-thirds do not use data visualisation approaches to present knowledge realised from data, and those that did were generally restricted to basic bar charts and line graphs. Without effective information visualisation midwives will continue to be constrained by the challenge of trying to see what datasets

Keyphrases: data visualisation, information visualisation, Midwifery

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