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Single Scan Track Analysis of Selective Laser Melted AlSi10Mg Alloy

EasyChair Preprint no. 10023

17 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


Additive manufacturing (AM) is a booming technology and has been used to fabricate customized and complex design components for various structural applications. The features of aluminium alloys such as low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, great thermal and electrical conductivity, etc. attract to make components usingthe AM technology. Selective laser melting (SLM) one of the AM process has recently gained more popularity over the past several years due to its design flexibility, non-equilibrium microstructure, excellent mechanical characteristics, and high solid solubility etc.However, because of more reflectivity than other metals, SLM of aluminium alloys becomes a challenging process. Many process-related difficulties in the SLM process for aluminium alloy are still poorly understood and needs to be systematically addressed.

Here, the shape and size of the melt pool in the single scan tracks method of SLM process is explored using AlSi10Mg alloy as a candidate material.Process parameters involved in SLM such as laser power and scanning speed are varied during the processing of Aluminium alloy.It was found that laser power and scan speed significantly affects the melt pool geometry. Interestingly, with the increase in laser power from 200 to 370W and the simultaneous decrease in scan speed from 1700 to 300 mm/s, the melt pool width as well as depth increases and vice versa. The results are compared and correlated with the available literatures.

Keyphrases: Additive Manufacturing, AlSi10Mg, Laser power, laser scanning speed, Selective Laser Melting

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