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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Climate Crisis: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities

EasyChair Preprint no. 12465

12 pagesDate: March 13, 2024


This paper investigates the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing the climate crisis, examining its potential for innovation, the challenges it presents, and the opportunities it offers. AI presents a range of innovative solutions across various aspects of climate science and policy, from enhancing climate modeling and prediction to optimizing resource management and mitigation strategies. Through a comprehensive review of existing literature and case studies, this paper explores the diverse applications of AI in climate science and policy-making. It highlights how AI-powered algorithms can improve the accuracy and efficiency of climate models, enabling a better understanding of complex climate systems and more precise predictions of future trends. However, the paper also acknowledges the challenges and ethical considerations associated with the deployment of AI in the context of climate crisis mitigation.

Keyphrases: Artificial, intelligence, solutions

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