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Three-Dimensional Simulation of Bacterial Pollution in Nice Bay for Operational Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 5271

12 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


Hydrodynamic models of seawater quality are multifactorial. In addition to depending on environmental and meteorological parameters, they are very sensitive to the parameterizastion of bacteriological input data, such as polluant load, flow rate, temperature and nature of the effluent.

In order to simulate the impact of bacteriological pollution on water quality, a knowledge of these data is essential. Nevertheless, their acquisition is complex because the discharges into the natural environment are usually accidental.

In Nice, the general wastewater collector is annually maintained. During this event, the effluents usually collected are discharged into the bay of Nice, via dozen of urban outfalls spread over 4.5km of beach. This paper deals with the numerical modeling of this event. The model used is based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes' equations for the calculation of the velocities and water depth (TELEMAC3D). The domain of the model extends from the cape of Nice (East side) to the airport (West side) covering all the beaches.

In addition, a measurement campaign was implemented. Sampling at sea and in network was carried out at strategic positions and at regular intervals in order to know the pollution loads of effluents and sea water. These data have been used to establish the performance of the model to simulate a bacteriological pollution at sea.

Finally, calibration work has been conducted in order to optimize the computing time of simulations. This last point answer to a strong demand from public authorities who are interested in antipicipating the evolution of pollution in order to control its consequences and provide an effective operational response."

Keyphrases: Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Environmental issues, environmental management, modelling, pollution

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