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Effect of Nickel Coated of Carbon Fiber on Distribution of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminium (AlSi7) Foam Composite by Powder Metallurgy

EasyChair Preprint no. 1381

4 pagesDate: August 9, 2019


The aluminium foams have attracted increasing attention since their low density and superior performances. The potential properties of carbon fiber-aluminium foam-based materials strongly depend on the dispersion and bonding of carbon fiber within the aluminium foam matrix.  A chemical oxidation and coating carbon fiber have been carried out to improve the distribution and the wetting of carbon fiber  in aluminium foam. Chemical oxidation of  carbon fiber with HNO3 involves impregnating functional groups on the surface of carbon fiber. The functional groups are expected to react with inorganic materials by electroless deposition nickel.

Carbon fiber-AlSi7  foams composite were produced by powder metallurgy.   We use a v-shaped cylinder for the first time to generate a homogenous distribution of 0.5 wt % carbon fiber within AlSi7 powders and 0.5 % TiH2  (foaming agent). To produce the precursors,  carbon fiber reinforced aluminium foams were produced under sintering conditions with the pressure of 450 MPa and temperatures 300ºC for 2 hours. The foaming of precursors  were investigated by heating to 750oC with 7 minutes foaming time.

The effects of chemical oxidation and nickel coating on carbon fiber in the dispersion of carbon fiber in aluminum foam were confirmed by optical and scanning electron microscopic analysis.  Observation of the distribution of the fibers in the aluminium foam matrix shows that the technique is effective in dispersing and increase wettability the carbon fibers coated nickel within the aluminum foam matrix. The results can have important implications for the processing of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum foam composites.

Keyphrases: AlSi7-foam composite, carbon fiber, Chemical oxidation, dispersion, electroless deposition nickel, Powder metallurgy

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