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Network Design and Implementation of Dynamic Routing Protocols with Security

EasyChair Preprint no. 8289

6 pagesDate: June 18, 2022


Network Protocols defines the optimized paths to send data and Network routing information from source to destination. Dynamic routing is a process where a router can forward data via different routes for a given destination, based on the current conditions of the communication circuits within a system. Static and Dynamic are two types of Routing Protocols, Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) and Interior Gateway Routing (IGR) are two classes of dynamic routing Protocols. (IGR) is classified into two types as distance vector routing and link-state routing. This review paper, discuss about the various routing Protocols from IGR type, like Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open shortest path first (OSPF), Enhanced Interior Gateway routing protocol (EIGRP), EGP class protocol like and Static routing. This paper discuss about how cisco Packet Tracer software can be used for implementation of protocol with enhanced security.

Keyphrases: EGP, EIGRP, IGR, OSPF

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