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Mathematical Inequalities over Hypercomplex Structures and Infinities with Related Paradoxes

EasyChair Preprint no. 8377

9 pagesDate: July 3, 2022


Invariants being the non-trivial norm over every branch of theoretical and mathematical physics, the strange nature of computations being analyzed over variables, structures, operators, and parameters, that when produced or try to produce something explainable in the domain of physics, the ways through which those explanations are done gets rigorous and weird which gives us a notion that, advanced mathematical physics is nothing more than an extreme abstract approach shouldered by a physicist to make the reality explainable in a way that gets either beyond the common perceptions or humans or beyond the areas that need to be investigated as physicists most of the times lost their tracks in mathematical analysis and progress due to extreme or over-complexified nature of physical laws that are attenuated in the minds of mathematicians taking them the world beyond normal comprehension as to be explained for justifying physical reality. Therefore, concerning and keeping in mind all the strangeness – we are providing examples, proofs, and theorems to perform a prescription showing that the physics with the involved mathematics is too weird to make sense also the underline beauty relating those mathematics are opening the doorway to the most obscure, unexplored and extreme corners of nature that are beyond, the physicists all though the pasts tried, succeed in some while failed in most, to make the most courageous effort to see and write down in theories the elegant and hidden structures of this nature, or in a sense the universe with the notion of beyond the universe – the multiverse.

Keyphrases: black holes, Cantor, Hilbert, Infinity, strings, topology

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