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Fuzzy Wireless Sensor Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 3171

5 pagesDate: April 16, 2020


World is facing environmental disaster with Costal erosion like Tsunami and Cyclone needed very much WSN technology. Computations for these purses are difficult. Fuzzy control systems are helpful with the small data collected with WSN. For instance, if depression over the sea is more and height of ware is high and velocity of wave is very high then erosion is more. With the collection of small data from WSN using Fuzzy Logic will be helpful and cost reduction to forecast Environmental disaster. Zadeh, Mamdani and TSK are proposed different fuzzy conditional inferences for “if … then … “to approximate with incomplete information. The Zadeh and Mamdani fuzzy conditional inferences are require prior information for consequent part. The TSK fuzzy conditional inference need not know prior information for consequent part but it is difficult to compute. In this paper, new methods are proposed for “if … then …” when prior information is not known to consequent part with fuzzy membership function Sensors are discussed as application for proposed fuzzy conditional inference. Fuzzy inference system (FIS) is discussed for WSN to detect Costal erosion Fuzzy Control System as an example.

Keyphrases: Costal erosions, fuzzy conditional inference, Fuzzy Control Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks

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