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The Process of Improving Schools in the Perspective of Cultural Transition

EasyChair Preprint no. 9750

3 pagesDate: February 20, 2023


This study describes the process of improving schools by interventing in Arab-speaking language schools in Israel, and explains the consideration involved in planning and applying based on the adopted concept framework that was taken beyond the cultural change. The project assess the cultural distance between the interventor and the functional framework of the schools: in the initial interaction, dealing with the peripheral elements of the cultural framework, compared to the ones at the core (center) of the school, understanding the steps and working relationship with the school teams, describing the finding that assisted the interventor to diagnose and assess measuring tools appropriate to the proposed concept, and determining the findings that indicate the results achieved during the project and at its end.


The intervention is perceived as the interaction of two cultures; that of the interventor and that of the school.   The anthropology literature perceives this meeting as a process of learning.  This learning process is reciprocal between the two cultures in contact. The contribution of each culture is differential; the “strong” culture contributes to the “weak” culture, or in other words there is a “giving” culture, and a “receiving” culture.  This process has an implication on the individual and on the cultural elements of both cultures.


Keyphrases: Cultural-Transition, culture, educational intervention, improving-schools

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