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Energy Efficient & Secure Design Concept for Wireless Sensor Network Using Internet of Things and Machine Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 9847

6 pagesDate: March 8, 2023


In wireless networks, power is a very significant problem in all of its operations regardless of application. The batteries of wireless nodes have a restricted lifetime. Furthermore, the recharging of these batteries is not possible during the application. Also, the attempts made to elaborate the network lifetime through some hardware-based technology are not that much deserving. The maximum amount of energy of a wireless node is used up for broadcasting the data packets or retransmitting the packets of other sensor nodes within the network. With the help of energy-efficient routing and consistent communication between the wireless nodes, the power consumption in the network can be minimized at the network layer. In some applications, the wireless nodes are frequently concerned with transmitting the data packets. Due to this the maximum amount of energy will be depleted between those nodes and the nodes will die much before the other nodes. Hence, discontinuities will cause in the network. Hence, in the energy-constrained nature of nodes in WSNs, it is very essential to make efficient utilization of available power to elaborate the lifetime of the network. It is difficult to secure WSNs, because of the vulnerability of wireless links, limited physical protection of nodes, topology, dynamically changing, and lack of infrastructure. Providing secure communication and assure secure network services is a challenge. Hence, it is necessary to cultivate an energy-efficient and secured routing Protocol in WSNs to enhance security assurance and increase communication efficiency in a network with good QoS provisioning.

Keyphrases: energy efficiency, Internet of Things, machine learning, network lifetime, QoS, Routing Protocol, Wireless Nodes, WSN

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