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Optimization of Hurricane Resistance Wind Turbine Blades

EasyChair Preprint no. 1107

6 pagesDate: June 8, 2019


Blade design for the Naguabo Punta Lima Wind Farm will be detailed and presented in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. An alternative approach for the design of the blades was performed using the data and information collected by the turbines wind sensors during the catastrophe of the hurricane. With these factors, the main objective was a blade design that can withstand the high wind velocities of around 64.6 m/s, which were the maximum speeds registered by the wind turbines and furthermore, optimize the capability if resisting wind flows of up to using a safety factor. Details for the aerodynamic design are included such as the blade efficiency, airfoil selections, angles of attack, operational conditions, power generation, power coefficient and loads. Three blades were modeled using same energy production capabilities and high wind resistance, providing a starting point for the design and use of extreme wind resistant blades.

Keyphrases: blade, Design, hurricane, Speeds, Wind

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