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Design Approach for Geogrid Reinforced Base and Subbase Layers in Flexible Pavement

EasyChair Preprint no. 10723

7 pagesDate: August 15, 2023


Geogrids are commonly used for pavement layer reinforcement and to build a construction platform over weak subgrade soils to carry equipment and facilitate construction of pavement without excessive deformations in the subgrade. Geogrid reinforcement is used in permanent paved roadways in two major application areas – base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. The present study applied the AASHTO (1993) (Guide for Design of Pavement Structures), IRC: 37 (2012) (Guidelines for the design of flexible pavements) and IRC: SP: 59 (2019) (Guidelines for use of geosynthetics in road pavements and associated works) methods for design of geogrid-reinforced pavements using 20-year design life. Relevant design data were obtained to design the pavement, and a comparison was made between different design results.

Keyphrases: Flexible pavement, Geogrid, Pavement Design, Reinforced Base, Reinforced Subbase

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