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Smart Adjustment of Transistor Parameters to Reduce Temperature Rise Due to Self-Heating Effect

EasyChair Preprint no. 11073

5 pagesDate: October 10, 2023


The present study introduces a novel approach for the computation of temperature elevation arising from the self-heating phenomenon, coupled with an effective parameter tuning technique aimed at mitigating temperature variations. In contemporary integrated circuits, the self-heating effect emerges as a highly significant and intricate phenomenon, often challenging to quantify accurately. Addressing this challenge demands a comprehensive strategy involving supplementary measurements and meticulous optimizations. This research employs a power measurement methodology to assess the thermal perturbations within individual components of the circuit. Furthermore, the study advances a robust technique for calibrating the parameters of transistors to govern the thermal upswing. The experimental investigations are conducted employing a Multi-Gate MOSFET library within a 14nm technological framework. Comprehensive simulations are executed utilizing the HSPICE simulator, while the scripting aspects are implemented through Python 3.7.

Keyphrases: analysis, Optimization, parameter tuning, Reliability, self-heating

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