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Design of Driver Monitoring System for Logistics Truck with Design Thinking Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 6014

10 pagesDate: July 5, 2021


The main cause of traffic accidents is risky driving behavior. Risky driving usually happened with professional driver (logistics vehicle) and unprofessional driver (private vehicle). Professional drivers such as truck drivers with experience a higher accident rate than non-professional drivers because they have more driving hour and has a track record of high driving distances. In addition, driver working conditions are stressful because they are demanded to be on time delivery and fatigue due to congestion, road usage limitation time from government, long administration waiting times, and if the driver have exhausted, the unlicensed assistant would take over the driving. This behavior was one of the factors causing road traffic accidents. The design thinking approach is used in this research to design a driver monitoring system that has the design results according to the needs and desires of management and driver. Started from the empathy phase with interviewing management and driver to obtained driver journey map. The define phase which obtained that the main problem of aggressive driving. Furthermore, the ideation phase providing solutions to problems that occur from the define phase, in this study generating ideas and creating a driver monitoring system according to the needs of the management in the form of a web dashboard and IoT devices implemented in logistics trucks and the final stage is the testing phase. There are four objects of the focus of this study, that is operational during driving, vehicles, driving environment, and management which is analyzed analytically which will become a comprehensive driver monitoring system framework from the main research areas and explore their interactions. Well-designed Driver Monitoring System with a design thinking approach that can provide real-time reports during driving to prevent accidents, monitor truck operations, remote control, and historical reports.

Keyphrases: Aggressive Driving, Design Thinking, Driver monitoring system, Drowsiness, Logistics Truck

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