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LiVRation: Remote VR live platform with interactive 3D audio-visual service

EasyChair Preprint no. 791

7 pagesDate: February 22, 2019


Of late, various audio-visual services based on the internet are being deployed extensively. Among these, object-based audio-visual services are attracting more attention. In 2014, we had established the software defined media (SDM) consortium to investigate object-based and internet-based audio-visual services. Despite the increasing demand and popularity of live concert events, the placement of the microphone and camera limit the free-viewpoint watching of the contents of package media, such as DVDs. In this study, we design and implement an interactive 3D audio-visual service system called LiVRation, with a free-view-listen point. For subjective evaluation, 211 people were made to experience LiVRation and answer a questionnaire, subsequently. In addition, we demonstrated the system in the "Billboard Live Hackasong 2017" hosted by Billboard Japan, and received the first prize, based on the votes of the judges as well as audience.

Keyphrases: Media Networking, Ontology, Software Defined Media, VR

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