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Seismic Analysis of Braced Steel Frames in Multistory Buildings with Mass Irregularity

EasyChair Preprint no. 4100

6 pagesDate: August 28, 2020


Nowadays, the necessity and demand of the new generation and growing population have created the architects and engineers inevitable towards the planning of irregular configurations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the role of building configurations, as well as the seismic response of structures with mass irregularity Braced frames are a very common type of construction, being economic to construct and straightforward to research. In the present paper, the seismic behavior of multistoried building with mass irregular having different braced steel frames is investigated. The study comprises of comparison of concentric braced frames and eccentric braced frames in the earthquake zones. The seismic analysis of different bracings is analyzed for 40 storey height building with mass irregularity. The response of each steel braced frame considered in terms of storey displacement, storey drift, base shear, and time history response is studied by time history analysis using ETABS Software.

Keyphrases: braced frame, ETABS software, mass irregularity, Non-linear analysis, seismic behavior, Time History Analysis

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