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Quantum Generators: Integrating AI into Single Cell RNA – Sequencing for Improving on the Consistency of Cell Types

EasyChair Preprint no. 12911

15 pagesDate: April 5, 2024


Quantum Generators is a means of achieving mass food production when and where required by means of machines rather than land based farming. The process for agricultural practices for plant growth  is simulated in a machine with a capacity to produce multiple seeds from one seed input using computational models of multiplication. In this respect, we present profiling the gene expression program at the single cell transcription level by using single-cell RNA-sequencing. Therefore, a key task in single-cell RNA-seq data analysis is to accurately detect the number of cell types, which can be critical for downstream analyses such as cell type identification, extracting biological knowledge for quantum generation from the large amount of data generated by scRNA-seq technology. For this scRNA-seq data clustering, we designed divisive clustering algorithm with k-means and has been recursively designed to estimate the number of cell types through optimising  clusters in a dataset measured by robotic and on-line spectroscopy. The results of the study on estimating the number of cell types in variety of environment settings to create scRNA-seq data from a robotic system with varying number of cell types, with different input proportions, from various aspects using a simulated dataset in obscene of real data and we checked our approach by simulated data and found to have clustering concordance of cells to their predefined cell types. In this way, a group of computing units assisted synthesizer with reconfigurable system that is part of CellSynputer is feasible for automated experimentation and in that respect an implementation of Clustering k-means algorithm for managing cell type groups as a part of robotic system based on small model is presented. Although the platform model with cell type intelligence as modular unit given us a method of automating cellular assemblies however, this need to be tested using natural crop cells for quantum generation.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, CellSynputer, K-means clustering, Quantum Generators, single-cell sequencing

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