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Streamlined Retail Operations: the Impact of Electronic Shelf Labels

EasyChair Preprint no. 11731

9 pagesDate: January 10, 2024


Retail operations have witnessed a transformative shift with the integration of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). This study examines the multifaceted impact of ESL on streamlining retail operations. ESLs are dynamic digital displays that replace traditional paper labels, enabling real-time pricing updates, inventory management, and enhanced customer experiences. This research delves into the operational efficiency brought about by ESLs, investigating their role in reducing labor costs, minimizing pricing errors, and facilitating agile pricing strategies. Furthermore, it explores how ESLs empower retailers to optimize inventory management by providing accurate stock information, reducing out-of-stock instances, and enabling faster restocking processes. Moreover, this study investigates the influence of ESLs on enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. It evaluates how ESLs contribute to an improved shopping experience through accurate pricing, promotions, and personalized messaging. Additionally, the impact of ESLs on sustainability and environmental conservation is discussed, highlighting their role in reducing paper waste and promoting eco-friendly retail practices.

Keyphrases: Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), Pricing Efficiency, Retail operations

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