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Smart City strategies: management of resources and qualities.

EasyChair Preprint no. 731

11 pagesDate: January 16, 2019


The objective of this work is to analyze the structure, organization and attributionthat characterize the smart cities and their resources. This is a complex path, developedtaking into account the considerable differences between the historicalexperiences, the institutional structures and the economic-social conditions thathave characterized the various forms in which the metropolitan experience was"built" in the various national contexts. In this research work we present the resultsof an analysis that took care of the city and of the relationships between theurban transformation paths and the processes of socio-economic development atthe local level, the expansion of the same and the strategies of development. Firstin recent years. Economic and social changes at the international level,have heavily influenced the evolution and unfolding of the urban dimension andthis work, first proposes a theoretical and interpretative framework of urban realitythat changes and subsequently it focuses on Europe and on Italy, in order toinvestigate institutional aspects, normative indications, settlement models, publicpolicies adopted and examples of realized practices, which have intervened onurban transformations and related processes of development. The aim is to offera reasoned contribution to the possible and significant models of smart city organizationand governance of areas in Europe, with ideas or solutions to outlineour model.

Keyphrases: better life, grow, resource, Smart City, strategies

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