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Accident Prevention Using Multiple Sensors

EasyChair Preprint no. 7656

13 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


In today’s world of science and technology, the Transport system is an important part of life. Having this also gives us a sense of the most sophisticated creatures on earth. Cars play an important role in our daily lives but like all other things, there are some positives that are negative as well. Road accidents are a major threat to people's lives. Speed ​​is an important factor in many accidents. Therefore, there is a need to control all accidents. One of the methods of accident detection was, to see the accident in person, which depended on passersby informing the relevant emergency authorities of any safety precautions to be taken but this Road had a hole in it because its efficiency was unreliable. This approach includes delays and inaccuracies due to the problem of witness speaking. This project proposes an effective management approach. First the project concerns the prevention of accidents by sending a nearby vehicle maintenance alarm to prevent a collision, and then for some reason the conflict then the next step is the acquisition of that target smart phone based on the accident detection and notification system which will track the accident with the help of implanted sensors with a small control unit and with a GPS app smartphone, GSM will send a notification to emergency services near the victim's family. Accident detection using ultrasonic sensor provides the facility to detect an accident not only in various street situations but also it might perform well under various natural conditions like rains. This system uses different sensors such as accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, alcohol sensor, eye blink sensor, smoke sensor.  GPS and GSM modules for location of accident spot.

Keyphrases: Accident alert, accident prevention, over speeding prevention, Overtaking Assistance, signal jumping, Smart System, wireless notification

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