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Prediction of Cricket Stars in the Game of Indian Premier League

EasyChair Preprint no. 10189

17 pagesDate: May 17, 2023


In keeping with the idea of the Indian cricket history we've got many cricket superstars in the game of cricket we must are expecting the fine cricket stars most of the all players in the game. on this content many people have the submitted the paper to prove the exceptional player many of the all in the sport of cricket however we are predicting the nice players in the sport of “INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE”. For this prediction we should work on the analysis manner ,we want to examine the stats after which prediction could be performed ,ultimately the output will be inside the shape of graphs and tabular shape.

inside the manner of prediction of excellent cricket superstar’s, we use device gaining knowledge of & generative and discriminative algorithms and additionally these algorithms are used to classify the stats of the cricketer’s.

keywords: Random forest, Multinomial Linear Regression, AdaBoost, Indian premier league (IPL)

Keyphrases: AdaBoost, Indian Premier League (IPL), Multinomial Linear Regression, Random Forest Classifier

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