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Is the Hospital-Park Future of the Sustainable Hospital Architecture?

EasyChair Preprint no. 5445

11 pagesDate: May 4, 2021


The article deals with important issues of the ecological approach to the health care facilities design within the general world's attention to the problem of sustainable development of the urban environment. Taking as the example the innovative foreign experience of implemented projects of medical institutions, as well as design, competitive and conceptual proposals revealed the latest idea of coexistence and harmonization of natural and man-made worlds within the medical environment that meets the challenges and needs of the XXI century. It is the concept of the hospital-park, that synthetically combines the architectural environment, natural environment, as well as man-made oasis and creates the basis for emergent results both in the medical field and in the need for a neat attitude to our planet. The article reveals the possibilities of designing a hospital-park of different stories and in different initial conditions: in a dense urban environment with a minimum size of the construction site, in suburban and peripheral areas of the city.

Keyphrases: architecture of healthcare facilities, hospital-park, sustainable hospital architecture

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